Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's been a while!

I haven't posted in like two weeks. My apologies guys. Been a combination of very busy with people, YMCA stuff, studying, etc.

Off to Buffalo tomorrow *says a prayer*


Been staying cut. Keeping ~1000-1400 calories a day in me. Lean machine.

Thinking about starting a "bulk" (whatever that means) phase. But more less aimed at gaining lean mass (I am sure I will get a bit a fat. Can't avoid it but I can afford it at ~4% body fat). Staying cut and doing what I normally do is beginning to bore me, so I want to change things up so I don't burn out and lose my will power and motivation.

Going to take a week off of lifting/cardio/whatever before starting that to just recoup. Maybe do some brisk walking daily and a little yoga while taking my week off.

Working on some more nutrition/personal fitness posts for you. Should be up here within' a week. Things will slow back down after tomorrow.

Miss everybody. Edinboro friends, Family away from here, etc.

Still fighting the good fight of faith. Striving to love God, daily. It poses it's challenges, but I am willing to take them on head first.

Keep in tune. Keep blessed, not stressed. Love others. Smile big and shine bright.


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