Monday, June 29, 2009

Mon - June 29th

It's been a while, eh? Well lets keep brief and meaningful.


Still training clients at the Y and doing kid stuff. Loving it all
Hanging out with family every single day and I love it more by the day. (Dad is up from Florida)
Still fighting the good fight of faith and feeling good about it.
Still loving strong, smiling bright, and striving to better myself, daily.

Fitness: Been doing a lot of just barbell complex stuff ~two-three days and HIIT/Jumping rope about two days a week. I've actually started training my abs pretty hard too. Always just had a naturally good core, but finally accepted they are a muscle group too and need to be trained hard to grow, haha.

Nutrition: Need I say more besides fruits, vegetables, nuts, real whole foods, and grandmas cooking? Eat good, eat less.


I am going to make a big July nutritional challenge. I thought hey, it's time I change things up for a while. Been doing fairly the same old nutrition system for such a long time. So..

For the WHOLE month of July (July 1st - Aug 1st)

I am:

- Going vegetarian
- Cutting out all refined sugars
- No caffeine
- Possibly no dairy either.

Extreme right? Well, I figured it would be a nice break for a while. I eat a lot of meat and dairy and my grandmas baked goods intake has been pretty brutal. It's all been semi-catching up to me so I think its time to take a break and try something new for a month. Join me!

Faith: Striving to fight this good fight. Its been a challenge but a worthwhile one. Things just keep seemingly somewhat decline amongst people and this world. Sad, but reality. Have to push on and strive to stay above this mess.

Keep praying, keep smiling, keep shining. Keep on keeping on everyone.


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