Sunday, May 10, 2009

A day in my life of nutrition/diet/food.

I get asked this allll the time, so here we go.

So many of you probably think I pencil down every calorie, carb, fat, and protein that I take in huh? I know the stuff I eat alone spins heads, but here is your answer,

No, I have never counted and never will the point values of my food.

Why not, Adam?
Lifting/Nutrition/Fitness isn't my job, it's my hobby/passion. The minute I start having to pencil down every single thing that I eat, I'll burn out fast. Now mind you, this doesn't work for everyone and some actually like to journal/log their stuff. Hey, more power to you. But it's not for me. I may do it a bit with lifting, but not nutrition.

Now, how do I follow my diet? How do I eat? When? All these questions. Here is the sum up.

I eat 5-6 times a day (3 major meals being Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, then a small snack between each major meal. Sometimes one later after dinner).
This is my general eating times:
7:00 AM:: Breakfast
10:00 AM:: snack
1:00 PM:: Lunch
3:30-4:00 PM:: snack
7:00 PM:: Dinner
(Optional 6th snack around 10:00 which is usually cottage cheese, or a tall glass of milk with a little scoop of chocolate whey just to flavor it.)

This doesn't work for everyone. Some people don't like to have to eat this much. That's fine. Eat 4 times a day. Just make sure your daily calorie intake is split among all you eat. Don't eat 1 meal that's 1,200 calories, then three 200 calorie meals.

B) Carbs Carbs Carbs. Majority of my carb sources (no I don't count, but I am talking like breads, oatmeal's, smoothies, fruits etc) start first thing in the AM and slowly shut down by dinner. Our body is more sensitive to carbs early and slows down digesting them through out the day, so they just generally become stored but if you eat some carbs at dinner, it's no sweat. (As long as it fits in your macros). I'm not afraid to eat an apple at 10:00 PM if I must. It's better then gorging on the cookies or sweets we seem to crave late.

C) Mix it up. DJ's have their own job/career for a reason. They mix stuff, make things sound neat from the norm/regular sounds. So many people eat chicken and veggies everyday for lunch and dinner. Yuck. VARIETY is the spice of life. has a fabulous recipe database, check it out to spice up your life. Throw that steamed broccoli in a bowl with some brown rice, black beans, and add some hot sauce instead. Make your oatmeal with skim milk and add a banana or some cocoa powder rather then just oats and water.

D) Stop crying about fruit carbs. I refuse to worry about how much fruit/veggies I eat. Honestly, where has there been a case of fruits or veggies making you fat? 'Ahhhhh, bananas are high in sugars and too starchy for me though!' Cry some more baby. Jeez. (Unless they are all fried up or added with syrups, dried, sugars and crap). Sure, I imagine people could gain weight on a 30 bananas a day diet, but that's just silly. I am not afraid to kill a couple pieces of fruit in one sitting. I am not afraid to destroy any vegetable at ANY time. They are both good. Eat up. Enjoy.

E) Stealth Super foods. Got the top secret gourmet super mega over powered foods in my diet. What am I talking about here? Foods that instantly add 9 inches to my biceps (not really). Actually, they are foods that I DEMAND I wear a cape while eating. Or at least flexing. Quinoa, Goji Berries, Acai berries, Buffalo meat, Almond Butter, Shirataki Noodles, Flax Seed, Whey protein powder, Wheat Germ. These are just a few of many typical super secret weapons I use in my diet. All have amazing profiles.

F) Drink Green tea! Holy Crap. If there was one secret I would want to reveal which isn't so secret, it's to drink green tea (and other teas like non-caffeine teas later at night). Wake up and boil some water, steep a bag or two of organic green tea, and have that rather coffee. There are TREMENDOUS studies showing the relationship between green tea and weight loss. Look at 90% of the Asia population. Thin. Not fat. Period. They drink green tea like it's their water. NO, not that Lipton added sugar green tea you buy in the stores for convenience. I am talking straight tea bag green tea.

G) All eating created equal. Another simple, yet general standard I try to follow is try to have a bit of all three macro nutrients with each meal/snack (Carbs, Proteins, Fats). Oatmeal (carbs), A Tbsp of olive oil or little bit of natty peanut butter (fats, but could also be your protein source as well), and a little tablespoon of whey protein powder (protein). There is a perfect 3 macro nutrient dense breakfast. Another example, Yogurt with some Almonds (Also a super combo since calcium from yogurt helps the digestion of the Vitamin E from the Almonds).

H) Fiber Fiber Fiber. It's no secret. It's pretty publicly known that we don't get enough fiber. Too much eating of processed foods anymore (white carbs) and not solid dense complex carbs. Fiber is a blessing. A HUGE blessing. Oatmeal with flax and a banana = ~15g fiber. About a little under or half your fiber needs alone. Sure, it's better to split your intake through the day, but you can get it pretty easily.

I) If it comes in a box, just stay away. Okay, this can be debated obvious. I buy some oatmeal's and certain things in a box. heck, I order certain super foods and it comes shipped in a box (lololzz!) But ~85% of processed, junk, candies, pastries, chips, etc come in a box or bag. If man made it/process it, stay away. If it came out of the ground or off a tree, devour it. Except for those really poisonous black berries that look good! Stay away from those. They may just ruin your day (or week).

and my final and what I fee is my most basic tip or fact about me....

J) Live Loose and DON'T hang up on your mistakes.

We all know that you don't want to eat grains like a horse all week. We all know that eventually, you miss that pizza, some wings, a beer or soda, a donut, or whatever it is that you just are weak in the knees for. For me? Ice cream. I could eat it 10 times a day everyday. For 1-2 meals a week, No bars are held about what I eat. Granted, for those of you who know me well, I enjoy eating good and the way I eat, so I barely ever 'cheat'. If I eat 3 major meals a day, 7 days a week. That's 21 meals. 90% of that is 18.9, which we can call 19 meals. I strongly believe that as long as I am eating nutritionally dense and good meals/foods 90% of the week (aka 19 meals), then I can afford a cookie here or there. i can afford a few slices of pizza on occasion. for 2 (I would recommend one for people trying to slim down) meals a week, I am okay with eating a little off topic for my foods. I'll have that medium size ice cream cone. I'll eat 3 slices of pizza. It's that simple. This is assume that my snacking stays solid. For every 2-3 times you snack on something not so good, I just lost my cheat meal.

Another thought is, honestly, I make mistakes. Sure, I had two cheat meals, but I just went to visit friends and there was a bag of Doritos or some cheese-it's they were eating. What do I do? Eat like 2-4 servings worth.. Gosh dang it! Blow it off. Don't hang up on it and think 'time to go run a mile or work extra hard tomorrow'. It happens. Just don't make it a habit/excuse to slip up. If you make a mistake, get over it, move on, keep working hard.

I don't diet because it's good for you, but because I feel good doing it. I enjoy feeling good alllll day long. Not needing naps because I am tired. Sleeping every night from 11:30-12:00 until 7:00 Am. I wake up and jump right out of bed feeling great and ready to take the day on. Having tremendous amounts of energy for my work outs (Thank you green tea in the AM!). Look sharp and punctual and always being on time. Feeling good about myself and my lifestyle.

Lots of info. Hopefully you enjoyed it. There is so much more, but this blog was 1. big enough and 2. I'd like to write a book someday so I can't release everything for my secrets. : )

God bless and Enjoy!

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  1. Ill definitely buy your book lol.. that is good stuff