Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tues 5-11

May 11th and we're still dealing with frost/cold issues... Wickedddd.

Breakfast: Very Berry Smoothie.

Liquefy in a blender with either 8 oz skim milk or 8 oz water:
-1/4th cup blueberries
-1/4th cup blackberries
-1/4th cup strawberry halves
-Tbsp of whey protein powder

I'd recommend the berries be frozen. Makes for a more thick and refreshing breakfast smoothie.

Fitness: Did some classic sprints today at the soccer field. Incorporated hill sprints as well.

~8 intervals. Each being ~20 seconds of sprinting all out as hard as you can.
For the rest phase, I walk back the distance I just sprinted, once I get to the starting point, I start my next interval. If I feel I need a bit more recovery, I take a few more seconds after walking back. I try to never take more then 100 seconds of rest.

Felt really awesome after sprints. Decided ehh what the heck, went to the gym and did some planks and stability ball jack knives for abs and jumped rope for a few minutes.

NOTE:: It is vital, for any high intensity cardio training, that you properly warm up and cool down. Don't just go jet into sprints. Heck, don't start sprints if you are very aerobically unfit.. Work into it.

Faith: We live by faith, NOT BY SIGHT. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Listen. For anybody that wants hard physical proof of a God, count yourself out I guess. I've met too many people that walk away from the life of following Christ because they have no concrete evidence, science, or any other mumbo-jumbo crap to account for proof of a God. "I'm tired of praying to air', 'If God is real, I want to see him with my own eyes'. Blah blah blah. Guess what buddy, you're screwed! That's not what this faith is all about. Sure, we have miracles and other crazy fathoms that we could attain to as a 'God-send'.

The issue is, what would be the use of faith, if we had concrete proof of God? If we knew it was all said and done, then what would be the use of fighting this good fight? Someone once argued with me 'well, if you saw God and it was concrete, wouldn't that only strengthen your faith in him?' Not really. Why? A part of faith, is hope. A part of hope, is trust. These things kind of become eliminated once you can say 'OH, yup. Gods got it. No problems'. We wouldn't struggle, ever. It would always be a God send.

Why is it that majority of our generation is taking on this 'take risks/chances because we don't know tomorrow' yet won't take a chance/risk with God? Our generation has greatly adapted this motto to REALLLYYY play with fire. You have NOTHING to lose with giving God a chance. There are no negative risks involved. Period. Tell me one flaw about trying to build your own personal relationship with God? Oh, you have to stop having promiscuous sex? Oh, you should probably quit drinking/smoking? Hmm, all these sound worthy of dropping for time being rather you want to give sincere Christianity a try or not.

Now granted, nobody said you have to try and be perfect to become a Christian. It's JUST NOT POSSIBLE. We'll never be .0001% of Jesus left hand alone. That's why I hate this 'I try to be more like Jesus' thing. Sure, we strive to be better, but quit trying to be like Jesus. Be you, just strive to be better. I'm NO better than a lying, stealing, cheating drinking, smoker out there. God loves him as much as he loves me. Heck, God probably loves him more because that person needs Gods love! We all have room for improvement.

When we kiss, we go according to the feeling. Why do you think everybody kisses intimately with their eyes closed?! The BEST things done in life, are unseen! haha. When we love, we feel it in our hearts, not literally see it floating around.

So keep the hearts folks. Remember, even concrete can still have cracks and break. Faith, Hope, and Trust. We can give it to our friends, family, and spouse. Even when we can't see our spouse, and they go away to war for 2 years, we trust them. We have faith in them. We love them. Even when we won't be able to see em'.

Shine bright and smile big!


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