Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday 5-4

No breakfast. Doing an Eat-Stop-Eat fast.

Fitness: Just a few simple compound exercises today

1a) Inverted rows on a barbell/power rack
1b) Bench Press
2a) Pull Ups (alternative and wide grip)
2b) Push Ups

That's all. Simple yet sweet.

I have a big list that is still accumulating of personal goals this summer. Today, I would classify as the first initial day of summer and I already accomplished one (one of the harder ones).

Was not expecting to get 1 arm pull ups, but I got a few today, and surprisingly, with each hand! I'm so excited about it. Figured it would have taken me a lot of time, but amen none-the-less!

Faith: Good weather. Friends. Family. Good food. Need I say more

Amen. Let's start this summer with a smile on our face, and enjoy the people currently in our lives. Let's appreciate what we have more. We never truly know what we have, until it's gone. So generic, yet seems so true.


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  1. 1 arm pull ups.. Nice job dude! I miss you already, hope to see you Friday!